Mara aka Psychara. 22 y/o Dutch alt model & art student.
Owner of the plushie-store Psypuff.

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Today’s outfit. It’s super nice and sunny and warm and AAAAH I fucking looooooove spring&summer! Gonna take a walk in the forest and be outsiiiide, and then back to [school]work! 

Also, new hair, dreads made by myself! :D  A long time ago, they’re kinda shitty and a mess.. Dreadmaking truly ís hard, and dreadmakers are true artists. @___@

If y’all are wondering where I get my pretty dreads from, I have sets from: The Colorful Creations of DarcRainbow,Imp And PetalBatty Dread CreationsErindasDreads, myCandy Floss Locks will arrive soon & krinklepuffs fromTRIPLESIX HAIR DESIGNS, and I’ll be working in the future with: LS SevenPeacock DreamsHybrid Hair DreadsMonarch Dreads..! :D  
Quite a list, but daaaaamn, y’all should check them out! :D