Mara aka Psychara. 22 y/o Dutch alt model & art student.
Owner of the plushie-store Psypuff.

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ft. the yummy byMarije! Photo by TommyBoy

New hair! Used my IcyDreadsHybrid Hair Dreads & some Imp And Petaldreads to create this forest witchy look :D  The weather is already autumny so I felt like having autumn-hair :I

Random M’era Luna fun :D  \o/

Noesss, accidently deleted my List of video ideas I think. [I don’t even remember when tho? ohwell]

Please tell me any video ideas/requests for me? = 3= /may be tags, challanges, w/e’s ?

Posted: 1 day ago

Another Tooti for the Night Fury herd.

Posted: 1 day ago

M’era Luna in a nutshell! :D  It was sooooo much fun!! <3  Met soooo many nice people..! 

Special thanks to Attitude Holland!!

Illustration for Efflorescent Dreams :3 



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Is tumblr really worse than facebook?

I think so yes, but I only have personal friends at my private facebook friendlist anyway. Whenever I get haters on my public facebook page, I simply ban them with just 1 click ;D

  • person: i hate cats
  • me: what the fuck